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judas Tancrede Buildings Movers traces its roots back to the 1940’s in Lewiston, Maine, when J.N. Jutras , a mason by trade, realized the need for stabilizing and raising structures prior to repairing them. Mr. Jutras then started his new business which was called J.N. Jutras Jacking & Hauling. John grew his business and his work was featured in Time Magazine, in the Oct. 8th 1951 edition. John moved a house from Kennebunkport, Me., to Goose Rocks Beach, a nine mile journey over the ocean on a barge.

bobIn 1961, Roger Bell, a son in law, took over the business. In 1969, a son in law to Roger, Robert Tancrede, joined the company which was then known as Bell and Tancrede Building Movers. As Robert Tancrede became sole proprietor, the business became known simply as Tancrede Building Movers.

guytruckRobert owned and operated the business until 2013 when he sold the business to his brother-in-law Guy Pilote. Tancrede building movers is continuing a long tradition of repairing, jacking, leveling and moving of structures. Whether you are looking to repair sills, level a floor, or put a foundation under your home or camp, we hope that you will consider Tancrede Building Movers for your construction needs.